Karate is in our blood. It’s what we do first, everything else comes because of it and after it.

We are a husband and wife team who can do great things together. John has taught me to question everything and trust no-one when it comes down to my Karate. If you cannot apply your art it is useless to you and you have got to make it your own. I have made my art my own now thanks to John allowing me to grow and evolve. My approach is more on the psychological level, I love the way Karate suits my intelligence. John’s is definitely a physical approach, he can apply his art on a physical level very effectively. We think everybody should have access to good Karate and everybody should have the freedom of choice to be able to apply it in a way that works for them. People should be able to train with who they want to train with.

We work in schools in the Derby area in conjunction with the police on a peer pressure and anti bullying campaign.

We work on a program in Derbyshire working with people with disabilities

John Johnston born 1951 is a 7th Dan who has been training and teaching for over 40 years.

Elaine Johnston born 1968 is a 2nd Dan and been training for 15 years and assisting with John’s teaching for 6 years.

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