As we should all know there are always two sides to every story? Door work has its good and bad sides, for me there were lots of positives, I had a great social life, met lots of celebrities, made some great friends, fantastic camaraderie and there was plenty of other fringe benefits. Then there is the other side of that coin. Unlike today, we were allowed to drink and drink we did. Lots of alcohol and a very smoky atmosphere 6 to 7 nights a week. I will let you draw your own conclusions.  It was not a good way to maintain a stable relationship let alone a marriage. Also you are expected to deal with other people when they are at their worst and there is another side to it all this and that is when you get on the wrong side of the law. If you work in the security industry sooner or later you will end up having an interaction with the police. I know I did on many occasions; fortunately most of them were favourable. For my part I can honestly say I had in the main a good reputation and respect from the police

As I said there are two sides to every story and this is my side of the story.

I’ve always been very aware of the law in regards to the job and was careful not to overstep the mark. On this particular night I had been away from the door for some particular time and had just returned to see if everything was OK. I was informed that there was no problems. I just happened to be standing by the main entrance when a young chap came in. As it was very late in the night we had put a stop on any further entrees, not only that, he appeared to be quite drunk anyway.  I politely explained the situation to him at which point he told me that he had a pass out. We had a policy of no pass outs, which I explained to him and if you were allowed a pass out we would have issued you with a ticket. “Can I see your ticket” this is when he starts getting animated and abusive. It’s time for him to leave; there is a slight struggle as I escort him out the door. He is now on the outside of the door, no harm done, not a problem. WRONG! The door flies open and he is charging at me ‘BUMP’ I have evaded him and given him a dig. It was only very light so I was able to gain control a bit more of a struggle and he is back outside. He walks away and out of sight but moments later he is back and the same thing happens again. Off he goes again and a quarter of an hour later he is back again only this time he is going crazy. He is throwing wild punches at me which I am evading. Again I give him a jab in order to gain control of him. Once more I eject him from the club, only this time I deliver a strong warning for him to go away and never come back. Sometime later the Police arrive and I am arrested. I spend a night in the cells and I’m later charged with malicious wounding. The Police tell me that the guy is in hospital, has a fractured skull, a broken nose and a fractured jaw. Yes I had been subjected to 3 wild attacks and each time I responded with a light jab in order to gain control. I couldn’t believe I’d hit the guy that hard and I believed I’d acted appropriately and proportionately. Eventually it goes to court and I plead not guilty. From the hospital report it was obvious the Police are telling lies to me. The report says “slight bruising to the temple, slight swelling to the nose and a small laceration to the inside of the mouth. The so called victim when questioned by my solicitor:               at what time did you leave your home?
Victim:                  Bout six o clock
Solicitor:               and had you been drinking on the night in question?
Victim:                  Oh Yeah
Solicitor:               at what time did you start drinking?
Victim:                  Bout six o Clock
Solicitor:               and what were you drinking?
Victim:                  Bitter mostly
Solicitor:               so if you were drinking Bitter mostly, what else was you drinking?
Victim:                  Just bitter mostly
Solicitor:               yes but if it was mostly bitter that you were drinking, that would indicate that you were
drinking something other than bitter, what was it Was it        wine or was it spirits?
Victim:                  Oh Yeah, barley wine, vodka and whisky.
Solicitor:               so you as an 18 year old was drinking large amounts of various alcoholic beverages from                               between six in the evening and one o Clock in the morning.

The guy was nodding and grinning. It was at this point that the head magistrate after conferring with his colleagues banged down with his gravel and pronounced ‘we do not need to hear any more, cased dismissed’.

There has been a lot of changes over the last 30 to 40 years. I’m not sure what sort of outcome would have been arrived at today, however this story does illustrate the many different sides of an incident

Anyway in the words of Homer Simpson “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket, get a basket for each egg”