A Tale of Excessive Alcohol and Bravado by John Johnston

This story I’m about to relate to you isn’t about Karate but I think you may find it of interest.

Many years ago after a Saturday morning training session. My old friend, training partner and student Glen and myself decided to go for a “drink or three”. Glen encouraged me to accompany him to a rough pub in his hometown of Bedworth near Coventry. Glen had his own reason for wanting to go to this particular pub which we will not go into.

I remember entering a scruffy run down room, smelling of stale beer and tobacco. The smell might come from the room or the clientele who were a mixture of Rockers and Skinhead types. There were a lot of tattoos and missing teeth. Glen being a local lad knew a lot of the people there. He was somewhat a local hero, being a Doorman and International fighter. We  brought drinks and sat at a table. Shortly we were joined by a couple of desperate looking characters. Glen spotted someone he wanted to see about an issue that had arisen on the door a few nights previous and left me to go and have a quiet word. The two lads sitting with me were friendly enough and were engaging me in the gentlemanly banter that establishes status and pecking order. After a few searching questions they seemed satisfied with my credentials. One of the lads was sporting strapping on his left hand. I asked what had happened. He was delighted to tell me how he had won a £50 bet. He was really proud of the fact that whilst drunk a couple of weeks previous he and his mate were making silly bets. His bet was that he wouldn’t move his hand if they nailed it to the table. He being a roofer went out to his truck, came back with a 4 inch nail and a hammer gave it to a mate laid his hand on the table.  His mate without hesitation placed the nail in the middle of the back of the hand and gave it a whack with the hammer driving the nail through his hand and into the table. He was so proud to have won the bet and thought it was the greatest achievement of his life.

I asked him how he managed to work with his hand like that, his reply was “I’m not working, haven’t been able to. I’ve been off for two weeks and will be off for at least another two weeks”. I said “so you’ve lost a month’s money for £50?” He said “Yeah but I won the bet”

There must be a moral here?

Don’t cut off your nose to spite your face!