ARM CHAIR WARRIORS (A Short Rant)by John Johnston

Having just finished reading another article written by another Arm Chair Warrior, I’m once again left with the feeling “ WTF are they talking about”.

I fail to see the value of yet another technical article about how to develop power in your punch, or should you turn on the ball of your foot or the heel, or even some more obscure ideas to do with psychomotor skills or breath and tandem. I just wish they could teach themselves a breathing technique that would allow their rectum to swallow them whole and disappear into the ether.

What is it that they are trying to teach us these theorists and technocrats?

I’m all for the exchange of ideas, different training methods and how to advance and enhance your techniques etc but surely that must be done on the Dojo floor in training!

I’ve seen some of these Arm Chair Warriors training or teaching and to be honest they couldn’t fight sleep let alone knock someone out.

I do not want someone that has never been in a real fight or conflict, never scored Ippon in a high level competition, never dropped an appoint whilst practicing Juyu Ippon or Kihon Ippon Kumite, telling  me that they know a better way of performing a technique. All the theory in the world is only as good as the paper it is written on.

I am writing this letter in my blog rather than as a letter to the magazine directly. It is more of a rant to myself and likeminded people. I know we will never change the nature of the type of person my rant is aimed at because you would never meet them on the Dojo floor. That’s the proving ground for real Karate technique and not on the pages of a magazine.

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